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History Of Christian World College of Theology

Salisbury, Maryland

Dr. Ray Chamberlain - Founder

Dr. Ruth Chamberlain - Co-Founder


Dr. Ron Cottle, President of the Christian School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia, was invited to minister at Delmarva Evangelistic Church, in 1985 by Dr. Ray Chamberlain .  This invitation proved to be a visionary part of our destiny.  These two men of God were in agreement with the witness that this area had a deep desire and need for a place of higher education and training.  


The Christian Life College/School of Theology was then established here in that year.  Classes were held in the Fellowship Hall of the Delmarva Evangelistic Church.  The college was one of the six pilot schools across the United States, at that time, being conducted in the local church.  It was virtually a pioneer work that was being birthed here as an extension campus.


The classes began with many different professors being flown in to teach on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday, once a month for ten months of the year. The curriculum offered was covered by the Southern Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges, and was approved by the main college in Columbus.  The Maryland Higher Education Commission in Baltimore sent us an official letter of approval to operate the college and grant degrees of Theology only under the covering of our church.  They did not have to certify the college as long as Theology was the category of our degrees.  Students were offered accredited degrees from Associate through the Masters in Theology.


The Holy Spirit gave us new direction in 1991, for Dr. Ray Chamberlain to compile curriculum and established our own new Bible College.  The month of September 1991, marked the beginning of the Christian World College of Theology.  The classes now include Associate, Bachelor and Masters Degree programs, which are two years each from September to June.  



We Give God All The Glory For All Of These Things He Has Done, And There Is Still More To Come!!!


Pastor Robert "Buzz" Gregory


President / Chancellor, Pastor Robert "Buzz" Gregory


Denise Davis


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