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Students must be committed to the absolute Lordship of Christ; seek an ongoing relationship with Him; and have a deep desire to reach greater maturing in Him, in full obedience to His will.  

Students may register and begin classes at any time once application is accepted.  

To be submitted with your application:

  1. Official copy of High School Diploma or equivalency for Associate studies.

  2. Official copy of transcript from CWCT or another Christian college for advanced studies - Bachelor, Master only.

  3. Typed resume of life experiences; courses taken; degrees earned; career history, ministry and civic involvements; other information that may be pertinent for consideration.

  4. Registration fee: $125, payable to CWCT for each degree applying for.  Registration fee is non-refundable.



Completed application packet may be returned via



MAILED to CWCT Office, 408 E. Gordy Road, Salisbury, MD 21804

DELIVERED to the College Office at 407 E. Gordy Road, Salisbury, MD 21804 - Please call first.  

Please call 443-736-4568 for paper copy

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